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Hawaiian Food - Episode 47

Hawaiian Food - Episode 47

We thought that you might need some warming up in the middle of winter. So off we flew to the tropical paradise for some beautiful weather and delicious eating... sort off.

We settled for a good discussion about what influences  Hawaiian gourmet and how much of their food is a fusion of nationalities. There is definitely a sweet overtone to their palette. While a little difficult to pronounce we do cover some favourite dishes and traditional flavours. 

As we wind down on the cultural aspects we discover why SPAM is so popular and unearth a few local attractions available at the 7-Eleven. Of course we get the the bottom of Hawaiian Pizza and then dive into some pop culture with some picture and sound trivia.
August 18, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Jingles & Taglines - Episode 46

Jingles & Taglines - Episode 46

Who doesn't love an ol' fashioned sing-along, particularly when they're TV Jingles. For good measure we throw in some catchy tag lines as well. 

This might be the most fun we have had with a podcast so far. Going back in time and rekindling forgotten memories with some fantastic 'ear worms'. 

If you're a listener who grew up in the US between the 60's to 80's there's bound to be something for you to smile about.  If you're a local, this is a bit of a cultural download. A bit of a hint of what's inside; Oscar Mayer, Bonomo, The Colonel and a little dude called Speedy and heaps more.

Follow the bouncing ball and sing along with Phil and Barbara and Phil.
August 12, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Delis  - The Cultural Melting Pot - Episode 45

Delis - The Cultural Melting Pot - Episode 45

Think New York in the early part of last century. Imagine the inflow of European immigrants. The deli became a bridge that helped neighbours overcome prejudices and stereotypes by providing a judgment-free zone where people of all cultures, ethnicities and faiths could enjoy a meal. How liberating and beautiful that must have been.

We cover the evolution of the Deli, the invention of 'the greatest thing' and the power shift to Los Angeles. Along the way we talk about a couple of well know destinations and few others that you could visit when that becomes possible. 

As hard as we tried, we could not get a contribution for 'special guest' Jeanette. If you listen hard you'll hear whispers only at the start and the end.

Of course, if you're ever unsure of what to order in a NY deli, have what she's having.
August 03, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Pickle Show - Episode 44

Pickle Show - Episode 44

You can personally love them or hate them, but you cannot deny them. The ever lovin' pickle is  king in certain quarters. This bad boy comes in a bunch of styles and varieties that it's possible that if you are not a fan, you just have found your perfect pickle.

We discover why they are an  side accompaniment when dining. How big an industry it was in NY and why some consider the best pickles now come from California. Of course Phil has his own view on this. 

We rip into all the nine most popular types. The various methods for pickling and which parts of America produce what. We taste test a few of the most popular and discuss the 10 brands we have in store. Finally we wrap it all up by listing the various things that come as pickled flavour and list all the other edibles that you can pickle. 

A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked; If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?
July 28, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Tags: Pickles
Retro Candy - Episode 43

Retro Candy - Episode 43

This episode should be a lovely walk through our various childhoods. Even though we start back in 1847, we will eventually get to your decade. Of course if you are younger than 30 then you are not going to qualify for retro anyway.

Before we started recording, we raided the shop and laid out in chronological order a heap of product. Throughout the pod Phil and Barbara grab the occasional packet and reminisce.  

As discussed in other episodes, the 1920's was an amazing decade of innovation and candy was a part of that incredible growth. As expected there are have been some candy casualties but there will be a lot of familiar names.

Some questions answered along the way are, what does Necco stand for, what candy wrapper did Salvador Dali create and what is the oldest candy still in production.

Another fun episode summed up beautifully by the sign-off thanks to Ryan Gosling. 
July 21, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Tags: Candy
Copycat Recipes - Episode 42

Copycat Recipes - Episode 42

As Barbara says in the intro, we're not so much ripping off recipes as we are curing home sickness. We've got about 20 different favourites that could well be on your list of most missed recipes. And you don't need to be an ExPat, you might be someone who visited the states and can't get back right now. We may well have the cure.

And to help you a little more, this is the list of sites that might help reveal the special 11 herbs and spices in your own favourite bite;

These should satisfy you even if, a bit like this weeks logo, it's close to the real thing with a little twist. 
July 14, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Casserole and 50's Cooking - Episode 41

Casserole and 50's Cooking - Episode 41

The 1950’s was a time of great innovation in food products.  It was a decade driven by the demand for convenience and many of the modern products we use today are food innovations of the 1950’s.  Of the 21 key products we discuss from the 50's, 18 remain on the shelf some 70 years later.

And... nothing warms you up in winter quite like a casserole. So, it's this simple, we walk and talk our way through the 50's when casserole was king. 

Later in the pod we reference recipes for the following baby boomer classics;

This in the LA Times link to those recipies;
July 14, 2021 — Phil Bertino
In-Store Exprience 2 - Episode 40

In-Store Exprience 2 - Episode 40

This is THE customer edition.

If you were part of the In-Store celebration on Saturday 26 June and we spoke to you... then YOU ARE featured in this podcast.

For our 4th July celebration we took the pod to the people. We caught up with all the locals and then heard about family and friends and origins from;
Chicago, Minnesota, Baltimore, Texas, Philadelphia, El Salvador, New York, Mexico, Cleveland, Toronto, California and Denver.

We have an extended chat with Texan Paul Walcutt, from a Dingo ate my Taco. Sweet Jesus... you've never had a taco like these. James from Red Roo Sports tells us about the great basketball scholarship system he's running.

And then, back to our own USAFoods family. The girls and boys drop past for a quick chat about what they're doing to generate such a great in store vibe.

Thanks everyone for dropping by and saying Gdayall. 
Happy 4th.
June 30, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Italian Pastries & Cookies - Episode 39

Italian Pastries & Cookies - Episode 39

With appropriate reverence to National Cannoli Day we are going big on Italian pastries and cookies. Italian Americans had to improvise so they could enjoy some of the delights of the home land.  

We work our way through the following and discuss technique, interpretations and festivals along the way;
Siena Panforte

As for that famous Godfather scene we mention... here's the link,
June 24, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Herbs & Spices - Episode 38

Herbs & Spices - Episode 38

We all know that there is a particular America cult recipe featuring 11 different Herbs & Spices. We list all 11. Find out why, despite their great affection for them, why American's don't grow their own Herbs and Spices.

Back in the days of exploration and trading have a guess what you could get for Manhattan Island. We are going to look at some of the most popular blends and mention a few that we have in store. We tackle the well balanced 'S' quadrella. The difference between Salt and Kosher Salt is explained.  Also, what inspired and how Liquid Smoke is created.  

We break down a couple of seasonal favourites, Pumpkin and Spiced Apple Cider. To wrap up we hear about how Phil invented Bagel Seasoning.
June 17, 2021 — Phil Bertino
Tags: Herbs Spices