USAFoods Fast Pass

$3.79 AUD

USAFoods' Fast Pass

Enjoy the convenience and luxury of the USAFoods Fast Pass Subscription!

For only $3.79 per month you get:

  • Priority Shipping:
    • Fast Delivery: With priority shipping, your orders are processed faster, ensuring that they reach you in the shortest time possible.
    • Top of the Queue: Your orders are given precedence, so they're dispatched before regular orders, reducing waiting times
  • Early Access to USAFoods Sales:
    • Exclusive Preview: Get a sneak peek at our sales before they go live to the general public. This means you get first dibs on discounted items.
    • Maximized Savings: By accessing sales early, you have a better chance of grabbing the best deals before they're sold out.
  • Priority Support Line:
    • Immediate Assistance: Skip the regular queues and get connected to our support team faster. Your concerns are addressed with urgency.
    • Dedicated Support: Receive specialized attention from our trained professionals who are there to assist with any queries or issues.

USAFoods Fast Pass T&Cs: Begin your subscription immediately upon payment. Cancel anytime via your account settings; full refunds are available within the first 3 days. Terms, services, or pricing may change with a 30-day notice. The Fast Pass is for personal use only and not for resale. Automatic renewals apply at the end of each term, but you can opt out. USAFoods may terminate the pass at its discretion. Disputes will be resolved through binding arbitration. No warranties are provided, and USAFoods limits its liability regarding the Fast Pass.