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Thanksgiving Appetisers - Episode 61

Thanksgiving Appetisers - Episode 61

With Thanksgiving on the way, we thought it would be a great idea to tell you about all the appetisers you can fill up on before you even get to the turkey. Barbara diligently shares the official list of appetisers. After that, the podcast  goes back to its original idea... two dudes having a yack at the water cooler. 

Phil and Barbara work their way through a variety of recipes and suggestions for the fourth Thursday in November.  It's kind of like we are just standing next to them while they have a natter. If you're looking for more Thanksgiving info, check out episodes 9 and 11.

Our regular couple of new segments are also included and, I have to say, I'm big on the product review Barbara does.
November 24, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Tags: Thanksgiving
Potent Potables - Episode 60

Potent Potables - Episode 60

Sinatra has a song titled "Drinking Again". In this episode we fill the glass to the brim and off we go for about an hour. We look at what those nasty Europeans did to America once they gained their independence.  How Churchill stayed topped up in the 30's, prohibition loop holes and connect a sport to running booze over the border.

Phil and Barbara run down the list of American classic cocktails and visit the prohibition era. There are plenty of unknowns on that list. Then we move to the 50's, the decade made famous by MadMen and their daily office shenanigans. 

We keep moving... the 70's, the cocktail era of the 80's with it's suggestive names and bright colours and round it out with some summer classics for the BBQ. This episode is 100% proof.

Rounding out with a bit of fun is Deano and Foster Brooks - Airline Sketch

November 17, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Snack Cakes - Episode 59

Snack Cakes - Episode 59

If you're a Snack Cake aficionado you may know which one of following crazy names I just made up; Yodels, Devil Dogs, Zoinks, Ding Dongs, Roly Poly, Ho-Ho's, Cloud Cakes, Ring Dings? As an Aussie, I have always been fascinated by the goof-ball names these products were given. They all sound like such fun.

I think we are all familiar with the Twinkie, but boy, does this guy have some yummy relatives. Phil and Barbara take us on another fun journey as we look at recognised brands and particular styles and bit of brand history and then THE BIG LIST.  Did my made up word make it? 

Then... rate what you ate! The Top 10 Hostess of all time as well as toffy mag 'Esquire',  list their best five. It's all here.

As happens on this podcast, we get side-tracked. This week it was Sebastian Maniscalco talking about Entenmann's. Here's the link...
November 10, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Condiments - Episode 58

Condiments - Episode 58

We do it all at the Gdayall podcast. So when a listener recently suggested we do Mustard and Ketchup we decided to throw on some Mayo and get on board. But condiments is far more complex than the yellow, red and white stuff.

Who's heard of stuff like Catsup, Roquefort Dressing and Spicy Brown? There's always a list and we review top sellers, state favourites and a wacky one. Diving deeper, we reveal guilty pleasures and what Gen Zedders think. 

Finally, we emptied the store shelves and armed ourselves with a bit of everything. Fourteen of the most popular get a detailed review along a few oddments. If only you could get some of this on your Bunnings snag!

As promised, Taste Tester Melissa McCarthy... 

November 03, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Halloween - Episode 57

Halloween - Episode 57

Halloween is here and let's hope plenty of kids get to roam the streets and collect bags of treats. We face into the 'American tradition' and explain once more it's Celtic origins. Phil and Barbara touched on this last year, but deeper research has dug up some more information. We love the legend of Stingy Jack.

Beyond the wild assortment of single wrapped candy, we have focused firmly on Candy Corn. These little waxy morsels have been around since 1880. Despite the taste, if you have these in a small bowl in your house, they will eventually be consumed. It just happens.

More than a century ago haunting in the US was getting seriously out of hand and was beyond 'young men blowing off steam'. This resulted in the creation of what...?

Finally, 100 years removed from the Spanish Flu, you might be interested in how Halloween was affected back then.

If interested, you'll find The Hearse Song on Spotify.

October 27, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Tags: Halloween
Happy Accidents - Episode 56

Happy Accidents - Episode 56

Is there anything sweeter in life than a happy accident? We have compiled the definitive list of 'Wait, What' recipe errors that turned into success. Possibly the most import question asked along the way by Barbara was "who was the brave person who decided to be the first taster?". That is a particularly important question when it comes to milk based products. A couple of real goodies amongst the list.

Apart from focusing on successful failures, we also list the top 5 failed foods. Phil gets to taste test a 'Mood Enhancer'. The jury is still out on whether it worked. Some great feedback and our new segments, Personal Best and Ripper Recipe Roundup are off and running. 

We've included a full length closer for Muffy.

October 20, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Chain Restaurants - Episode 55

Chain Restaurants - Episode 55

This week we touch the void as we discuss Chain Restaurants. They may well be the magical missing link to our local dining experiences. Not that we don't love our own culture, but these locations offer Comfort, Consistency, Home Style, Atmosphere and Service that just makes convenient dining that much easier. Take our hand and wind your way around the routes and by-ways of these familiar establishments. 

In additional to all those restaurants and our new segment called Ripper Recipe RoundUp we have an even newer segment called Personal Best Product Profile. Phil takes us through the What, Why and How of his mystery product.

October 13, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Popcorn - Episode 54

Popcorn - Episode 54

How about these intersections of time... 
cavemen in 4700 BC popped it,
the depression popularised it, 
and the 70's domesticated it.
That's the life journey of popcorn.

Interesting couple of Native American Indian facts before we jump into the 9 most popular types, 10 if you include Nebraska Popcorn Balls. We have also discovered some flavours that you would not normally consider, like Texas Toast!

Barbara and Phil provide us with their individual expertise in our lounge twisting segment 'Ripper Recipe Roundup' . 

AND, if interested, here's the 'science oven' scene from American Hustle.
"Thank god for me"
October 06, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Tags: Popcorn
Southern Cooking - Episode 53

Southern Cooking - Episode 53

Southern food is too complex and varied to ever achieve a conclusive origin story.  While the influences are many, there are three major cultures to consider—Native American, West African, and European. 

Different ingredients define the Southern states more so than any other part of the country. There are seven significant cuisines Louisiana Creole, Low Country, Appalachian, Cajun, Gullah, Floribbean and Soul Food. 

Phil and Barbara work through all of this and the three types of cooking techniques in an extensive episode.

October 04, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Potluck - Episode 52

Potluck - Episode 52

Potluck is: A situation in which one must take a chance that whatever is available will prove to be good or acceptable.

A Potluck is: A potluck is a communal gathering where each guest contributes a different, often homemade, dish of food to share.

If you have spent any time in the US with a family then chances are you have been to a potluck. They love 'em and they are a great community event. People get to show off or contribute in their own special way. 

We look at a few do's and don't's and check off some of the themes that potlucks often take. Just a word of warning... keep a close eye on those church lady 'chefs'.

September 29, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Tags: Potluck