If you received an item that is past it's best by date you may be entitled to a refund. Some products are sold as is and are clearly marked as short or past best by date in the product title.

Products that are past their expiry date are still fit for consumption, but may not meet the expected quality as in-date products. USAFoods will never sell products unfit for consumption, if you believe to have received food that is inedible please contact us and send us an image and your order details immediately

You are entitled to a full refund if the product you received is:

  • A general grocery product with a best by within 14 days from date of order delivery*
  • A speciality grocery product with a best by within 7 days from date of order delivery**
  • A bulky sized product (greater than 1kg or 32oz of net weight) with a best by within 7 days from date of order delivery
  • A snack or candy product with a best by within 7 days from date of order delivery
  • A soda or drink product with a best by within 7 days from date of order delivery
  • If the item specifically says "Discard By" or "Expiry" rather than "Best Before", "Use by" or similar.

You are not entitled to a refund on products that are:

  • Exclusive grocery products such as limited edition items, freebies or other unique items***
  • Bakery style goods or products that are baked in a fashion like a cake, bread or other bakery style product. We now import these items as frozen and thaw upon arrival to extend their shelf life
  • Products that are sold on sale, a clearance item or discounted from their original RRP price. 

In the event that you do receive an item that is eligible for the USAFoods Best By Date Guarantee, please email us your Order Number and a photo of the product to contact@usafoods.com.au or message us through the live chat on our website and we'll respond as soon as we can.

USAFoods does not display a product's best by date for each product online due to constantly rotating stock.

Items that are past their best by dates are still great and delicious and are a great bargain! We check these products to ensure they are still fit for consumption. Shop our range of clearance products now!

USAFoods wants to remind you to not waste food. USAFoods will never sell you products that are unfit for consumption.

Please visit Food Standard Australia for official guidelines on Best By Dates 

* General Grocery Products are defined as items that are general grocery products in nature have 12+ months shelf life from date of manufacture. Examples include: Canned products, pickled products, sauces etc. 
** Speciality Grocery Products are defined as items that have 6-12 months shelf life from date of manufacture. These products are generally snacks, cereals, chocolate, etc
*** Exclusive Grocery Products are defined as items that have less than 3 months shelf life from date of manufacture. These products are generally considered such as special snacks, condiments, and oddities

Last Updated 11-Dec-22

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