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Best of 2021 #4 -  Episode 69

Best of 2021 #4 - Episode 69

What is going on? How can we be so deep into January already? This could be the last week before the rat race is back at it. OMG, doesn't RAT race have a different meaning all of a sudden!

This podcast falls somewhere between the English cricket team and Ash Barty. It's the little Aussie battler that survived summer and hopefully kept you entertained. Thanks for being along for the journey. 

Featuring informative, memorable and humorous content about;
Listener Questions
Southern Cooking
Chain Restaurants
Happy Accidents
and Snack Cakes
January 19, 2022 — Anna Purtill
Best of 2021 #3 - Episode 68

Best of 2021 #3 - Episode 68

How time flies when you're having fun and enjoying the holidays. Curated to keep you pepped up and happy as a lark is the Gdayall Podcast, 'Best of Series'.

It's nearly as good as 2 x Khawaja centuries and fresh hand-picked fruit from an orchard. The critics hail it, "Almost, the greatest ever".

Featuring informative, memorable and humorous content about;
Jerky and Cowboy Food
Herbs & Spices
Italian pastries and cookies
In-Store Experience #2
50’s Cooking and Casserole
Copycat Recipes
Retro Candy
Pickle Show
Delis - The Cultural Melting Pot
Jingles & Taglines
Hawaiian Food
Coffee Cake
and Sopranos Cooking
January 12, 2022 — Anna Purtill
Best of 2021 #2 - Episode 67

Best of 2021 #2 - Episode 67

Just in time for the New Year... the Gdayall Podcast, 'Best of Series'. It's way better than watching that new Spiderman movie or swapping unwanted Christmas gifts at the department store. Also, #2 is even better than the #1.

Featuring informative, memorable and humorous content about;
In-Store Experience #1
Odd Ball Food Combo's
Ice Cream & Milk Shakes
Fusion & Innovation
and Donuts & Doughnuts
January 05, 2022 — Anna Purtill
Best of 2021 #1 - Episode 66

Best of 2021 #1 - Episode 66

Just in time for Summer... the Gdayall Podcast, 'Best of Series'. It's way better that watching the cricket or listening to some new Courtney Barnett song.

Featuring informative, memorable and humorous content about;
Cal Mex
Coffee Culture
Corn Chips
Superbowl Stuff
Soda, Pop & Fizz
Breakfast Cereal
St Patricks Day
Potato Chips
and Easter
December 29, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Summer Traditions & Travel - Episode 65

Summer Traditions & Travel - Episode 65

Maybe it's the season, but Barbara and Phil seemed to have plenty to laugh about this week.

Rattling off summer traditions from both the US and Oz and recounting stories of their youth along the way. When they do get to food discussions, it's about the greatest summer foods and easy dinners. Some great ideas and plenty to look forward to.

Then, we countdown from 10 the best summer foods in America to travel to. This list is peak indulgence. It's a list for anybody who has done it all. It's like a "dharling, you absolutely must taste the Strawberry Chicken Salad at Arcadia Farms... it's so scrummy. Do it before you die!" list.

The dudes wrap up with the best thing they tasted in 2021 and Barbara sneaks in a late amendment. We still found time for a product review and recipe round up, but Phil does break the rules.

Barbara signs off with a strong point as Clark W Griswold, and that's it. 

Merry Christmas all. Thanks for dropping in for a listen and laugh.

December 22, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Entertaining with the Sopranos - Episode 64

Entertaining with the Sopranos - Episode 64

If you are into your subject matter AND you like the New York accent then you're in for a treat. Phil is right at home with his terminology, his ingredients and his accent comes bursting forward. He was even feeling cheeky enough to try a whisk the Sicilian pastry shop owner off on a holiday. Husbands and wives and ten paces!!

Barbara and Phil literally leaf their way through Carmela Soprano's entertainment guide and just fall in love with some recipes. A fun book that should be taking deadly serious. Along the way we get insight and life hacks from some of the crew, including Silvio, Christopher and Paulie Walnuts. They chip in with tips on gift giving, godfathering, poker and making a toast.
December 15, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Cookouts & Travel Foods - Episode 63

Cookouts & Travel Foods - Episode 63

This week’s podcast starts with a commonly held misconception (by Barbara) about what men do when standing around a barbecue. Most men agree that she is not aligned with the intricate balance of function and conversation at the barbecue.

Now... in today’s podcast we compare the subtle difference between a Cookout and a BBQ. We breakdown some typical dishes. 

Phil and Barbara then road test the definitive list of travel foods. Our Top 16 becomes 17 when they realise a missing inclusion. So we have a Double Gold winner. Phil confirms, by example, the most difficult food to eat and drive with. For good measure, and hygiene, we also work through the essential non-food additions you need when hitting the road.

Beep beep.

December 08, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Christmas Gift Ideas - Episode 62

Christmas Gift Ideas - Episode 62

Christmas... a bit  over 3 weeks away... and you are struggling for gift ideas. We wanted to help you deliver a special, personalised gift that shows you are thoughtful and care.

This week we have over 20 themes that you could use as gift centre pieces. Grab a gift box or basket or some other appropriate receptacle and listen up. Beyond some of the obvious ones, we discuss Breakfast (fun and serious), Barbecue, Pickles, Groceries, Cocktails, Rubs and Spices. Nothing too difficult about this one, just a little inspiration for a great way to be remembered. 

It's also Phil's turn to do a product review and the Ripper Recipe Roundup are a couple of all-time favourites.

It's December... time to break out Christmas Vacation. "The podcast is full"
December 01, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Thanksgiving Appetisers - Episode 61

Thanksgiving Appetisers - Episode 61

With Thanksgiving on the way, we thought it would be a great idea to tell you about all the appetisers you can fill up on before you even get to the turkey. Barbara diligently shares the official list of appetisers. After that, the podcast  goes back to its original idea... two dudes having a yack at the water cooler. 

Phil and Barbara work their way through a variety of recipes and suggestions for the fourth Thursday in November.  It's kind of like we are just standing next to them while they have a natter. If you're looking for more Thanksgiving info, check out episodes 9 and 11.

Our regular couple of new segments are also included and, I have to say, I'm big on the product review Barbara does.
November 24, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Tags: Thanksgiving
Potent Potables - Episode 60

Potent Potables - Episode 60

Sinatra has a song titled "Drinking Again". In this episode we fill the glass to the brim and off we go for about an hour. We look at what those nasty Europeans did to America once they gained their independence.  How Churchill stayed topped up in the 30's, prohibition loop holes and connect a sport to running booze over the border.

Phil and Barbara run down the list of American classic cocktails and visit the prohibition era. There are plenty of unknowns on that list. Then we move to the 50's, the decade made famous by MadMen and their daily office shenanigans. 

We keep moving... the 70's, the cocktail era of the 80's with it's suggestive names and bright colours and round it out with some summer classics for the BBQ. This episode is 100% proof.

Rounding out with a bit of fun is Deano and Foster Brooks - Airline Sketch

November 17, 2021 — Anna Purtill