Founders Phil and Jeanette noticed a lack of important American ingredients and foods that were not available in Australia after moving to Melbourne in 1993...


Martin St - Brighton


Phil and Jeanette moved from the United States to Australia in 1993 and opened a small sandwich shop in Melbourne CBD. In addition to sandwiches, they sold a small selection of American products that were sent over by their family members. The American products became more popular than the sandwiches, and so Phil and Jeanette decided to focus on them. In 1997, they opened the first USAFoods store in Brighton, near Gardenvale Station.

The store quickly gained popularity for its growing collection of unique items. As demand increased, Phil and Jeanette began importing more and more products directly from the USA to meet the needs of their customers. Soon, the store and its backrooms were overflowing with stock, and the Brighton location became too small to accommodate the increasing number of products. In response, Phil and Jeanette moved the store to Bentleigh.

Nicholson St, Bentleigh


After moving to Bentleigh, USAFoods quickly became one of the most visited shops in the area. In 2001, the store became one of the first in Australia to offer online grocery shopping. Thousands of visitors from all over Melbourne came to the larger and improved store, and USAFoods continued its tradition of hosting Halloween trick-or-treating events in Bentleigh. Over 400 children aged 13 and under came to USAFoods in costume and trick-or-treated at more than 40 retailers in Bentleigh down center road. Prizes were awarded and many smiles were seen.

As time went on, USAFoods outgrew its Bentleigh location and moved on to bigger dreams in Moorabbin.

Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin

2008 - Present

USAFoods has now settled in the suburb of Moorabbin, where it has more space and a dedicated warehouse with proper loading facilities. This allows the store to meet the increasing demand from online customers while also receiving larger quantities of stock. USAFoods has occupied three different buildings on the same street in Cochranes Rd, and is currently located at 67-73 Cochranes Rd. The facilities include a large warehouse, office, freezer room, and storefront that is powered by solar energy.

25th Anniversary

USAFoods celebrated it's 25th anniversary on April 30th 2022.

USAFoods continues to grow to aims to fulfil Phil and Jeanette's main goal: Bring what they loved from home, to their new home down under in Australia.

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