For about 100 years the corner store was THE destination. If your parents thought you were responsible enough you might have been asked to go to the store for milk or bread. If you were lucky your parents forget to ask for change, and then you had money.  With money, a kid could exercise their independence. It possible that this is where TV advertising had its biggest impact. Influenced children could now pick their own flavoured potato chips, chocolate bars, ice creams or other confection into the white lolly bag. It was the meeting place... the hangout.

So... the corner store... a place where immigrants got their start in a new country. We cover the history, some interesting facts from the US and Oz as well as some fun reflections. Barbara also reached out to some of her US old school buddies and they regale us with their own memories. 

Take a walk back in time with us.
March 30, 2022 — Anna Purtill