If you're a Snack Cake aficionado you may know which one of following crazy names I just made up; Yodels, Devil Dogs, Zoinks, Ding Dongs, Roly Poly, Ho-Ho's, Cloud Cakes, Ring Dings? As an Aussie, I have always been fascinated by the goof-ball names these products were given. They all sound like such fun.

I think we are all familiar with the Twinkie, but boy, does this guy have some yummy relatives. Phil and Barbara take us on another fun journey as we look at recognised brands and particular styles and bit of brand history and then THE BIG LIST.  Did my made up word make it? 

Then... rate what you ate! The Top 10 Hostess of all time as well as toffy mag 'Esquire',  list their best five. It's all here.

As happens on this podcast, we get side-tracked. This week it was Sebastian Maniscalco talking about Entenmann's. Here's the link...
November 10, 2021 — Anna Purtill