Sinatra has a song titled "Drinking Again". In this episode we fill the glass to the brim and off we go for about an hour. We look at what those nasty Europeans did to America once they gained their independence.  How Churchill stayed topped up in the 30's, prohibition loop holes and connect a sport to running booze over the border.

Phil and Barbara run down the list of American classic cocktails and visit the prohibition era. There are plenty of unknowns on that list. Then we move to the 50's, the decade made famous by MadMen and their daily office shenanigans. 

We keep moving... the 70's, the cocktail era of the 80's with it's suggestive names and bright colours and round it out with some summer classics for the BBQ. This episode is 100% proof.

Rounding out with a bit of fun is Deano and Foster Brooks - Airline Sketch

November 17, 2021 — Anna Purtill