We do it all at the Gdayall podcast. So when a listener recently suggested we do Mustard and Ketchup we decided to throw on some Mayo and get on board. But condiments is far more complex than the yellow, red and white stuff.

Who's heard of stuff like Catsup, Roquefort Dressing and Spicy Brown? There's always a list and we review top sellers, state favourites and a wacky one. Diving deeper, we reveal guilty pleasures and what Gen Zedders think. 

Finally, we emptied the store shelves and armed ourselves with a bit of everything. Fourteen of the most popular get a detailed review along a few oddments. If only you could get some of this on your Bunnings snag!

As promised, Taste Tester Melissa McCarthy... 

November 03, 2021 — Anna Purtill