Halloween is here and let's hope plenty of kids get to roam the streets and collect bags of treats. We face into the 'American tradition' and explain once more it's Celtic origins. Phil and Barbara touched on this last year, but deeper research has dug up some more information. We love the legend of Stingy Jack.

Beyond the wild assortment of single wrapped candy, we have focused firmly on Candy Corn. These little waxy morsels have been around since 1880. Despite the taste, if you have these in a small bowl in your house, they will eventually be consumed. It just happens.

More than a century ago haunting in the US was getting seriously out of hand and was beyond 'young men blowing off steam'. This resulted in the creation of what...?

Finally, 100 years removed from the Spanish Flu, you might be interested in how Halloween was affected back then.

If interested, you'll find The Hearse Song on Spotify.

October 27, 2021 — Anna Purtill
Tags: Halloween