Zach's Salsa Seasoning 0.72oz

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Bring the vibrant flavors of fresh salsa to your table with Zach's Salsa Seasoning ? a zesty 0.72oz blend that adds a burst of deliciousness to your homemade salsa. This isn't just seasoning; it's a carefully crafted mix of herbs and spices that captures the essence of authentic salsa.

Crafted with precision, Zach's Salsa Seasoning combines the perfect balance of tomatoes, onions, and a medley of spices, creating a tantalizing blend that transforms ordinary ingredients into a fiesta of flavor. The 0.72oz size is perfect for seasoning a batch of salsa or experimenting with various culinary creations, providing a convenient and versatile addition to your spice collection.

INGREDIENTS: Salt, Spices, Cane Sugar, Dehydrated Garlic and Green Onion Tops