Zab's Hot Sauce St. Augustine Style 6oz

$14.99 AUD
By Zab's

Zab's St. Augustine Style Hot Sauce is a fiery and flavorful sauce that will elevate any dish to the next level. Made with a unique blend of aged peppers, garlic, and vinegar, this hot sauce packs a punch of heat that will satisfy even the most daring of taste buds.

The sauce's rich and bold flavor is perfect for adding a kick to your favorite foods, from eggs and sandwiches to tacos and pizza. Its versatile taste makes it an excellent addition to any meal, whether you're looking to spice up your morning breakfast or add some heat to your dinner.

Crafted with only the finest ingredients, Zab's St. Augustine Style Hot Sauce is made without any artificial preservatives or flavors. Its all-natural recipe ensures a pure and authentic taste, with just the right balance of heat and flavor.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Organic Cane Sugar, White Vinegar, Organic Tomatoes, Organic Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Datil Peppers, Organic Onions, Organic Carrots, Organic Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Organic Brown Sugar, Garlic Powder, Organic Tomato Paste, Black Pepper, Mustard Seeds, Mustard Powder, Organic Molasses, Spices, Olive Oil, Xanthan Gum