Xatzé Guajillo Powder 1.7oz

$6.99 AUD
By Xatzé

Introducing the exquisite Xatzé Guajillo Powder, now available in a convenient 1.7oz jar! Elevate your culinary creations with the rich, fruity, and mildly smoky essence of this exceptional guajillo chili powder.

Xatzé Guajillo Powder is a culinary treasure for those who appreciate the depth of Mexican flavors. Each pinch of this powder delivers a harmonious blend of mild heat and distinctive fruity notes, perfect for adding a touch of authenticity to your dishes. Whether you're crafting salsas, soups, stews, or experimenting with new recipes, this guajillo powder is your secret ingredient to elevate your flavors.

Crafted with care and precision, Xatzé Guajillo Powder captures the essence of guajillo chilies, a beloved ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Its versatility knows no bounds, enhancing the profiles of both traditional and modern dishes. The 1.7oz jar ensures you have ample guajillo powder to infuse your culinary creations with the unique warmth and depth that guajillos bring.

INGREDIENTS: Ground Guajillo Chilli.