Vicks VapoCOOL Winterfrost SEVERE COUGH Drops 45ct

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By Vicks

Introducing Vicks VapoCOOL Winterfrost Medicated Drops, your go-to solution for soothing winter discomfort. When the cold season sets in and you're battling a sore throat, persistent cough, or nasal congestion, these medicated drops offer you a soothing and refreshing relief. With a burst of cooling menthol, they swiftly alleviate discomfort and clear your nasal passages.

In every package, you'll find a generous supply of 45 individually wrapped medicated drops, ensuring you have ample support throughout the winter months. These drops work fast to ease throat irritation and coughing, so you can swiftly return to your daily activities. Plus, the Winterfrost flavor provides a delightful taste, making your medication experience more enjoyable.

Vicks VapoCOOL Winterfrost Medicated Drops are incredibly portable, so you can carry them with you wherever you go, ensuring that relief is always within reach. Vicks, a trusted name in health and wellness for generations, stands behind this product's precision-formulated, scientifically backed relief.