Twix Cookie Dough Bites 8.5oz

$5.99 AUD $8.99
By Twix

Twix Cookie Dough Bites in an 8.5-ounce bag are a delightful and bite-sized candy treat that combines the classic Twix flavors with a cookie dough center.

These candy bites feature a crunchy cookie dough center that's coated in a layer of rich caramel and then dipped in creamy milk chocolate. Each bite offers a perfect balance of textures and flavors, making them a popular choice for those who enjoy the iconic taste of Twix with a cookie dough twist.

With 8.5 ounces in each bag, you have a convenient supply of Twix Cookie Dough Bites to enjoy as a sweet treat or to share with friends and family. They are a fun and flavorful option for those who appreciate the combination of cookie dough, caramel, and chocolate in a convenient bite-sized candy form.