Tootsie Pop Giant 0.85oz

$0.99 AUD
By Tootsie

🛒 Experience the iconic Tootsie Pop in a larger-than-life form with the Tootsie Pop Giant! 🍭🌟 This 0.85oz candy is the ultimate treat for lollipop lovers. Enjoy the classic combination of a hard candy shell and a chewy Tootsie Roll center, all in one delightful pop. Get ready for a deliciously long-lasting candy adventure!

🔹 Classic Tootsie Pop with a larger size for extended enjoyment
🔹 Hard candy shell encasing a chewy Tootsie Roll center
🔹 0.85oz of sweet indulgence

Embark on a candy-filled journey as you savor the hard candy shell and savor the chewy Tootsie Roll center of the Tootsie Pop Giant. 😋🍬 Each lick brings you closer to the tasty surprise at the center. Whether you're enjoying it as a nostalgic treat or sharing it with friends, this giant Tootsie Pop is sure to delight candy enthusiasts of all ages. Get ready for a lollipop experience like no other! 🌈🍭

Don't miss out on this sweet delight! Add the Tootsie Pop Giant, 0.85oz, to your cart and treat yourself to a candy adventure. 🛒🌟 Order now and let the classic combination of hard candy and chewy Tootsie Roll bring joy to your taste buds! Get ready to savor the sweetness! 🚀🍬