Tony Chachere's No Salt Seasoning 5oz

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Introducing Tony Chachere's No Salt Seasoning in a convenient 5oz bottle. Elevate the flavor of your dishes without the sodium with this specially crafted seasoning blend.

Tony Chachere's No Salt Seasoning is a perfect choice for those looking to reduce their sodium intake while still enjoying deliciously seasoned meals. This blend combines a variety of herbs, spices, and natural flavors to create a robust and flavorful seasoning without the added salt.

The absence of salt doesn't compromise on taste. Tony Chachere's No Salt Seasoning offers a well-balanced blend of flavors that enhances the natural taste of your ingredients. Whether you're seasoning meats, vegetables, or soups, this seasoning adds depth and complexity to your dishes.

With its versatile nature, this seasoning is suitable for various cooking methods, including grilling, sautéing, baking, or simply sprinkling over your favorite foods. It allows you to add flavor without worrying about excess sodium, making it a great choice for health-conscious individuals or those with dietary restrictions.

INGREDIENTS: Brown Sugar, Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Garlic, Red Pepper, Dehydrated Bell Pepper, Lemon Powder (Maltodextrin, Lemon Puree, Citric Acid, Sugar and Lemon Juice), Paprika, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Silicon Dioxide (to Prevent Caking).