Tide Washing Machine Cleaner 7.9oz (3ct)

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By Tide

Washers today use less water, which can leave behind residues in your machine, including areas you can?t see, like the back of the tub, hoses, drain, etc. These residues can lead to a build up of odor, which can be transferred to your laundry. Proper care for your machine includes running monthly clean-outs with Tide Washing Machine Cleaner to help remove these residues and prevent laundry problems down the road.

Ingredients: Cleaning Agents (Biodegradable Surfactants), Oxygen Bleach (Percarbonate), Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Sulfate, and Perfume.

Safety Information

Eye irritant. May be harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, flush with water. If swallowed, give a glassful of water or milk. Call a physician. Not for use with clothes.


Remove clothing or other items before using Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. For maintenance: Use Tide Washing Machine Cleaner once a month to clean & freshen your machine. If odor problem or visible residue already exists: Use 1 pouch per week for 3 consecutive weeks following the instructions below. Then, continue to use 1 pouch per month for maintenance. For a top load washing machine, pour 1 pouch of Tide Washing Machine Cleaner directly into your washer tub. For a front load washing machine, pour 1 pouch of Tide Washing Machine Cleaner into your detergent dispenser drawer. Run washer on normal cycle with the hot water setting.