Sour Punch, Smarties, & Warheads Gift Ornaments Assorted 1pc

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$3.99 AUD

Elevate your holiday gifting with the Sour Punch, Smarties, & Warheads Gift Ornaments Assorted, a festive treat that combines iconic candies in a single delightful ornament. This one-piece ornament is a perfect addition to your gift-giving, adding a burst of sweet and tangy joy to the holiday season.

Inside each ornament, discover a mix of Sour Punch Straws for a tangy punch, classic sweetness with Smarties, and the intense pucker of Warheads. The assortment caters to a variety of taste preferences, making it an ideal gift for candy enthusiasts of all ages.

Whether you're looking for a creative stocking stuffer, a unique gift topper, or a flavorful addition to holiday gift baskets, these candy-filled ornaments bring a touch of festive fun. The vibrant colors and beloved candies make them a delightful treat for spreading holiday cheer.