Sour Punch, Smarties, & Warheads Assorted Ornaments with Candy 1pc

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Experience a burst of sweet and tangy delights with the Sour Punch, Smarties, & Warheads Assorted Ornaments with Candy. Each ornament, containing an exciting mix of iconic candies, adds a touch of festive fun to your holiday celebrations. This single piece ornament is a perfect stocking stuffer, gift topper, or cheerful addition to your holiday candy dish.

Inside this festive ornament, discover the thrilling taste of Sour Punch Straws, the classic sweetness of Smarties, and the pucker-worthy intensity of Warheads. The vibrant and colorful candies bring a playful and flavorful experience to your holiday festivities.

Hang these candy-filled ornaments on your tree, use them as creative gift embellishments, or share them with friends and family for a burst of holiday joy. The delightful mix of beloved candies ensures there's something for everyone to enjoy.