Sour Patch Kids Soft & Chewy Candy 3.5oz

$3.99 AUD

Pick up this Sour Patch Kids Candy and enjoy an explosion of sour flavor followed by a sweet finish. They're a fat-free food that can be enjoyed as a sweet treat when used as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Each serving is only 150 calories, so you can enjoy a little flavor free from guilt. This fat-free candy also contains a delicious tart flavor that you'll enjoy. They're ideal to give out as Halloween treats, add to Easter baskets or enjoy as convenient desserts or treats. Take them with you on the go or in the comfort of your own home. They come with packaging that's easily resealed and can be placed in a bag or purse for convenient storage and transport. These delicious treats will make a fun addition to almost any occasion.

Ingredients: Sugar, Invert Sugar, Corn Syrup, Modified Corn Starch, Tartaric Acid, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Yellow 6, Red 40, Yellow 5 and Blue 1.