Smucker's Sugar Free Concord Grape Jam with Splenda 12.75oz

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Enjoy the classic flavor of Concord grape without the added calories of sugar. Smucker’s® Sugar Free Concord Grape Jam with Splenda Brand Sweetener goes with more than just peanut butter — use it as a base for vinaigrettes, or swirl it into sugar-free lemonade for added flavor.

Sugar Free Ingredients: Water*, Polydextrose*, Concord Grapes+, Maltodextrin*, Fruit Pectin, Locust Bean Gum*, Natural Flavor*, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Sucralose (Non Nutritive Sweetener)*, Calcium Chloride*, Red 40*, Blue 1*. *Ingredients Not In Regular Jam. +Adds A Trivial Amount Of Sugar. <0.5g/Serving