Smarties Xtreme Sour Candy Rolls 5oz

$3.99 AUD

If you are a fan of sour candy, pucker up with these sweet and extra sour X-treme Sour Smarties®.

Test your limits with X-treme Sour Smarties®. These sour candies are sure to make your lips pucker.

Are your taste buds ready for the intense sour zing of Smarties Xtreme Sour Candy Rolls? It's time to put them to the test. These retro candy rolls hold morsels the same size as original Smarties and there is a variety of temptingly sour candy flavours.

Smarties Xtreme Sour Candy Rolls are individually wrapped, so they're easy to share. But make sure you get two packs, so you'll have enough for your candy stash.

  • American Candy
  • Individually wrapped candy rolls
  • Gluten-Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Fat-Free
  • Vegan