Slaps Lollipops Mango 10 Pieces 3.53oz

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By Pigui

Introducing Slaps Lollipops in Mango flavor ? a tropical burst of sweetness in a delightful pack of 10. This isn't just a lollipop; it's a flavor-packed journey crafted to satisfy your sweet cravings with the exotic taste of ripe mango.

Crafted with precision, Slaps Lollipops Mango offers a perfect blend of succulent mango goodness in every lick. The pack of 10 lollipops, weighing 3.53oz, is ideal for sharing with friends, savoring over multiple occasions, or simply treating yourself to the vibrant taste of tropical paradise.

Experience the joy of Slaps Lollipops, where each Mango creation is a celebration of the sun-kissed and juicy flavor. Whether you're a fan of tropical delights or looking to add a sweet twist to your day, this pack is sure to transport your taste buds to a luscious mango orchard.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, corn syrup, iodised salt, citric acid, chile pepper, artificial flavor and artificial color.