Skwinkles Classicos Chamoy Candy 0.7oz

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Skwinkles Classicos Chamoy Candy, now available in a convenient 0.7oz package, promises a flavor-packed experience like no other. This Mexican candy masterpiece combines the sweet and tangy goodness of chamoy sauce with a tantalizing hint of chili pepper heat, all perfectly balanced with a touch of salt. With each bite, you'll embark on a taste adventure that captures the essence of sweet, sour, and spicy, making Skwinkles Classicos Chamoy Candy an irresistible treat for those seeking an explosion of unique and delightful flavors.

INGREDIENTS: High fructose corn syrup, wheat flour, corn syrup, sugar, dextrose, sorbitol syrup (4g / 100g), citric acid, palm oil, chili powder, glycerol, iodized salt, wheat fiber, citrate sodium, lactic acid, sodium lactate, malic acid, artificial flavorings, mono and diglycerides, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, AC allura red, soy lecithin.