Red Vines Original Red Twists 5lb Tub

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 The makers of Red Vines originally packaged the deliciously rewarding Original Red licorice candy twists in a simple tray. In the 1980s, they developed the now-iconic jar. Since then, the Red Vines candy jar has been a part of sweet celebrations, no matter the occasion. A jar full of bright red licorice will add a colorful twist to the dessert table at your next gathering.

Deeply rooted in the traditions of the American West, the Red Vines brand is the premium-quality licorice. 

It continues its old-world licorice making practices starting with the same tried-and-true ingredients from its original recipe. Red Vines is the only major brand still making twists with respect for tradition

The result is a distinctive, rich taste; soft and chewy texture; and desirable appearance, setting it apart from other chewy confections. In fact, Red Vines candy is the number one non-chocolate confection in the West, where licorice means Red Vines. 

INGREDIENTS Corn Syrup, Wheat Flour, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor and Color (Red No. 40).