Red Bird Peppermint Puffs 4oz

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The creator of Red Bird Peppermint Puff, Edward F. Ebelein, started making candy at the age of 15. With so many years of creating confections under his belt, it's no wonder he was able to perfect the peppermint puff! Each sweet white and red striped candy has a uniquely creamy quality, which quickly lead to them becoming Ebelein's signature creation. A lovely cross between a buttercream and a peppermint, these puffy treats will melt right in your mouth!

  • Pack of 2, 4 oz bags Red Bird Southern Refresh Mints, Soft Peppermint Puffs
  • Fat Free, Gluten Free, Natural Peppermint Flavor with Pure Cane Sugar
  • Individually Wrapped For Freshness