Quaker Gluten Free 1 Minute Oats 18oz

$17.99 AUD
By Quaker

Introducing Quaker Gluten Free 1 Minute Oats in an 18oz canister. Experience the same great taste and convenience of Quaker oats, now in a gluten-free option that is perfect for individuals with dietary restrictions or those seeking a gluten-free lifestyle.

Quaker is a trusted brand known for its high-quality oats, and their Gluten Free 1 Minute Oats uphold that reputation. These oats are carefully processed and tested to ensure they are free from gluten, while maintaining the same delicious taste and hearty texture that Quaker oats are known for.

With the 1 Minute Oats variety, you can enjoy a warm and nutritious bowl of oatmeal in just one minute. These oats are pre-cut into smaller pieces, allowing for a quicker cooking time without sacrificing the nutritional benefits and comforting taste of traditional oats.

The 18oz canister provides you with an ample supply of gluten-free oats, allowing you to enjoy them for breakfast, as a base for baking, or in various other recipes. Whether you're making oatmeal, granola bars, cookies, or incorporating oats into your favorite recipes, Quaker Gluten Free 1 Minute Oats are a versatile pantry staple.