Pez Dispenser Asterix

$3.99 AUD
By Pez

Introducing the Pez Dispenser Asterix, the perfect collectible item for fans of the iconic Asterix comic book series! This limited edition Pez dispenser combines the fun and nostalgia of Pez candy dispensers with the beloved characters from the adventurous world of Asterix.

Each Pez Dispenser Asterix features a beautifully designed, hand-painted figure of Asterix, the brave Gaulish warrior, wearing his signature helmet and holding a magic potion. The attention to detail and vibrant colors make this dispenser a true collector's item.

Not only does the Pez Dispenser Asterix showcase the lovable Asterix, but it also comes with a pack of delicious Pez candy refills. Just load the dispenser with the candy, slide back the character's head, and enjoy a tasty treat with a nostalgic twist.