Oreo Flavoured Lip Balm 1 Pack

$4.99 AUD

Introducing the Oreo Flavored Lip Balm, a deliciously delightful treat for your lips! Now you can enjoy the iconic taste of Oreo cookies while keeping your lips moisturized and nourished.

This lip balm captures the essence of everyone's favorite chocolatey, creamy cookie in a compact and convenient package. Just like the real thing, it features a smooth and creamy texture that glides on effortlessly, leaving your lips feeling soft and hydrated.

Indulge your senses with the unmistakable aroma of Oreo cookies that lingers as you apply this lip balm. The delightful fragrance will transport you to a world of sweet memories and mouthwatering treats.

Perfect for daily use, the Oreo Flavored Lip Balm is enriched with moisturizing ingredients to provide long-lasting hydration and protection for your lips. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and hello to a nourished and irresistibly smooth pout.