Melinda's Black Truffle Hot Sauce 12oz

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Melinda?s Black Truffle Hot Sauce is made with Red Cayenne peppers, Parmesan, Black Truffles from Italy (Tuber Aestivum), and a touch of fine Colombian honey. This combination produces a creamy sauce with the rich and complex flavor and fragrance of Black Truffles. A subtle sweetness helps offset the Cayenne peppers to create a sauce that is truly irresistible on food.

A nice heat level for liberal use. Pour it all over everything you eat.

Great for French Fries, wings, baked potatoes, soft scrambled eggs, and omelets. It?s also great on cream-based pastas like Alfredo and Mac and Cheese. Try it with burgers, sandwiches, and pizza.

Ingredients: Cayenne pepper mash, white vinegar, water, canola vegetable oil, fresh garlic, cane sugar, onion powder, honey, grated parmesan cheese, xanthan gum, salt, citric acid, natural flavors (truffle, butter), black truffle from Italy (black truffle juice, summer black truffle [tuber aestivum], salt, natural flavor (truffle), vegetable fiber).