Meat Church Honey Hog Hot Rub 14oz

$23.95 AUD

Prepare to ignite your taste buds with the tantalizing heat of Meat Church Honey Hog Hot Rub, now available in an ample 14oz jar. This is the flavor-packed rocket fuel that will take your barbecue game to spicy new heights.

Meat Church Honey Hog Hot Rub is an expertly crafted blend of spices that marries the sweetness of honey with a fiery kick of heat. It's a harmonious fusion that delivers bold flavor and a satisfying punch, making it a must-have for spice enthusiasts and barbecue aficionados alike.

Imagine your meats kissed by the sweetness of honey and smothered in the zesty embrace of paprika, cayenne pepper, and other premium spices. This rub is your passport to achieving barbecue brilliance with a fiery twist.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, salt, honey powder (refined syrup, honey), spices including, paprika, dextrose, dehydrated jalapeno, dehydrated garlic, celery, no greater than 2% silicon dioxide to prevent caking & spice extractives.