Little Debbie's Chocolate Cupcakes 8ct

$7.99 AUD

Little Debbie's products inherently arrive with a short or past 'Best By' date, but they are still good to be consumed. Please note that by ordering this product, you accept that any short-dated Hostess products will not be refunded. USAFoods will never sell you products unfit for consumption.
Chocolate cupcake filled with creme, topped with chocolatey icing and a decorative swirl.

Craving chocolate? Not many desserts can top the genius simplicity of chocolate cake. That’s why Little Debbie® Chocolate Cupcakes are satisfyingly uncomplicated. Reward your sweet tooth with moist chocolate cake subtly topped with a layer of smooth fudge icing, a decorative swirl and filled with a delicately light creme center. These delightful cakes are an enjoyable guilty pleasure that is easy to understand!