La Fundidora Humo Salsa 12oz

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A tomato-based red salsa hand-crafted with select pasilla and chipotle morita chiles.

Key Notes

The purest expression of smoke with hints of leather and mesquite.

Pairs well with

Steak, pork chops, hamburgers, lamb and grilled mushrooms.

Though salsas are readily available in the US, they have invariably lost their essence; instead becoming mass-produced, preservative-laden concoctions. In contrast, we craft our salsas by hand in small batches, using absolutely no chemicals, sweeteners or needless acidifiers in order to be able to stand by the taste and quality of every one of our jars.

We remain true to deep-rooted Mexican traditions. We see time-honored culinary heritage as the necessary and fundamental base upon which innovation can take place. We stand by our belief that less is more. We think once you've tasted our salsas you'll agree. We use only the freshest ingredients and hand-craft every jar of salsa in much the same way salsas have been made since time immemorial. Of course we use no preservatives or artificial flavorings whatsoever.