Kraft Lucky Charms Marshmallows 7oz

$7.99 AUD
By Kraft

Kraft Lucky Charms Marshmallows in a 7-ounce bag are a delightful and colorful addition to your favorite cereal or baked treats, allowing you to enjoy the iconic marshmallows from Lucky Charms.

These marshmallows are the same fun shapes found in Lucky Charms cereal, including stars, moons, hearts, and more. They offer a burst of sweetness and a playful, crunchy texture. You can use them to enhance your cereal, decorate desserts, or simply enjoy them as a sweet and whimsical snack.

With 7 ounces in each bag, you have a convenient supply of Kraft Lucky Charms Marshmallows to add a fun and colorful touch to your dishes or to enjoy as a sweet and nostalgic treat. They are a playful and flavorful option for those who appreciate the classic marshmallows from Lucky Charms in a standalone form.

INGREDIENTS: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Modified Cornstarch, Dextrose, Water, Gelatin, Contains Less Than 2% Of Tetrasodium Diphosphate (Whipping Aid), Natural And Artificial Flavor, Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1.