Kidsmania Sour Flush Candy Plunger with Sour Powder Dip 1.38oz

$3.99 AUD

Introducing Kidsmania Sour Flush Candy Plunger – a playful and interactive candy experience that combines the fun of a plunger with the lip-puckering delight of sour powder. This 1.38oz treat is not just candy; it's a whimsical adventure for kids and the young at heart.

Crafted with creativity and precision, the Sour Flush Candy Plunger features a colorful and eye-catching design that resembles a real plunger. Dip it into the accompanying sour powder to unleash a burst of tangy flavor that adds an extra layer of excitement to the sweet treat.

Perfectly portioned at 1.38oz, this candy plunger is ideal for on-the-go enjoyment, school lunches, or as a delightful party favor. Whether you're planning a themed party or simply looking to surprise and delight, Kidsmania Sour Flush Candy Plunger promises a unique and entertaining experience.