Juan Valdez Volcan Premium Ground Colombian Coffee 250g

$9.99 AUD

Ideal for dark roast and espresso lovers, this unique blend is recognised for its high body, subtle acidity and caramel sweet notes.

A unique combination of Colombian coffees, ideal for preparing the perfect espresso cup. Volcan coffee has a high body, intense aroma and a durable flavour, essential characteristics of a perfect espresso. An aromatic coffee that will surprise your palate.

  • Cup profile: Espresso.
  • Aroma: Very intense.
  • Acidity: Low.
  • Body: High.
  • Premium 100% gourmet Colombian coffee from Juan Valdez.

These beans usually come from the most exotic regions in Colombia, where coffee can grow at very low altitudes thanks to the climate. The master roaster offers a cup profile designed to compete with the highest standards of a classic espresso, known for harmonising its high body with sweet notes and a subtle acidity