Jolly Rancher Fruit Flavored Candy Cane Holiday Box 12ct

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Experience a burst of fruity cheer with the Jolly Rancher Fruit Flavored Candy Cane Holiday Box, a festive collection containing 12 individually wrapped candy canes. Each candy cane is a delightful fusion of the bold and tangy flavors that Jolly Rancher is renowned for, offering a unique twist on the traditional holiday treat.

This holiday box is a vibrant celebration of fruitiness, featuring a medley of flavors that include cherry, green apple, and watermelon. Each candy cane is meticulously crafted to deliver a sweet and tangy experience, making it a perfect addition to your seasonal festivities or a flavorful gift for friends and family.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar; Corn Syrup; Contains 2% Or Less Of: Malic Acid, Sodium Lactate; Natural Flavor And Artificial Flavor; Artificial Color [Red 40; Blue 1; Yellow 5); Glycerin.