HotBabe Chillin' n Grillin' Spicy Sauce 148ml

$11.99 AUD

Chillin’ n Grillin’ Spicy Sauce 5 fl oz (148 ml)

Inspiration: Maracas Beach, Trinidad and their famous ‘Bake ‘N Shark’ sandwich. This grilling hot sauce was created to celebrate a great Trini tradition – limin’, aka hanging out and cooking with friends and family.

Peppers Used: Moruga Reds, Caribbean Scorpions and Trinidad Scorpions.

Our Chillin n Grillin Spicy Sauce is a delicious combination of Caribbean hot peppers, dark brown sugar, onions, non-gmo pineapple, citrus and locally fermented black garlic paste. HOT and sweet with sultry notes from the black garlic, and irresistible – use it as a BBQ sauce marinade, a finishing sauce for your favorite protein or as a hot sauce. You’ll just want to keep dunking all the while your lips are burning! Our ingredients are organic where possible, definitely non-gmo and we do not use gums.

Uses/Pairs well with: Chicken, Pork, Steak, Sword Fish, Jack Fruit, Tofu, Potatoes (cooked every way), Cheese Fondues. Add whenever you are looking for that sizzling taste of the Caribbean.

Heat Level: This is SIZZLING HOT ++