Hershey's Milk Chocolate King Size Chocolate Bar 2.6oz

$3.99 AUD

Enjoy the creamy taste of a Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar. Hershey's was founded in 1894, and since then, they have made quality chocolate. Each product is individually-wrapped to keep in the freshness, and it's kosher. The Hershey's King-Size Bar offers twice the amount of a regular bar, letting you share with others, or save some for later. It's divided into miniature squares that can be easily broken apart for smaller bites. Serve this king-size candy bar at parties, at Halloween or break up the squares to use in baking. When you make s'mores, use the chocolate in between the marshmallows and graham crackers. It's chocolate made for any time of the year. Proceeds from all Hershey's products go towards the Milton Hershey School, which provides help to children in need. 

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar:

  • Good for snacking, sharing and gift-giving
  • Individually-wrapped
  • A kosher chocolate
  • 2.6-oz. Hershey's King Size Bar
  • Company founded in 1894
  • Money from purchase supports children in need through Milton Hershey School
  • Dimensions: 0.47" x 5.77" x 2.22"
  • Divided into small, breakable squares 
  • Baking ingredient 
  • For s'mores 
  • Halloween candy
  • 0.17 lbs. 
  • Year-round treat 


Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (Sugar; Milk; Chocolate; Cocoa Butter; Lactose; Milk Fat; Soy Lecithin; PGPR, Emulsifier; Vanillin, Artificial Flavor).