Hangover Helper Mints Tin Extra Strength 1.5oz

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Introducing Hangover Helper Mints in an Extra Strength 1.5oz tin ? your secret weapon for shaking off the morning-after blues. This isn't just a tin of mints; it's a compact remedy designed to provide extra strength relief when you need it most.

Crafted with precision, Hangover Helper Mints are infused with powerful ingredients to help ease the aftermath of a night out. The 1.5oz tin is perfectly sized for your pocket or purse, making it a discreet and convenient solution for on-the-go recovery.

Pop open the tin and experience the refreshing blast of mint infused with extra strength hangover relief. Whether you're recovering from a night of celebration or preparing for the day ahead, Hangover Helper Mints are your ally in conquering the morning-after fog.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Gum Arabic, Natural Flavor (Oil Of Peppermint), Gelatin