Gran Luchito Ancho BBQ Fajita & Taco Mix 52g

$6.99 AUD

Hand-blended in Mexico using only the highest quality ingredients.

Our Ancho BBQ Fajita & Taco Mix is a mild blend of smoky Ancho chillies, paprika and Mexican herbs. Our Ancho BBQ Fajita & Taco Mix is perfect for those who prefer their Mexican food full of flavour but not spice.

Ancho means “wide” in Spanish referring to the fact that ancho chillies are the dried form of the nearly ripe large poblano pepper which has a red hue. Ancho chillies are one of the most frequently used chillies in Mexican cuisine and with their distinctively smoky yet mild flavour are very versatile.

Perfect for adding mild and authentic Mexican BBQ flavour to dishes.