Food Club Maraschino Cherries with Stems 10oz

$7.99 AUD

Introducing Food Club Maraschino Cherries with Stems, a delightful addition to your culinary creations. These premium cherries are carefully selected for their vibrant red color, firm texture, and rich, sweet flavor. With their long stems intact, they make an elegant and visually appealing garnish for cocktails, desserts, and more.

Each 10oz jar of Food Club Maraschino Cherries with Stems is packed with plump and juicy cherries, preserved to retain their natural goodness. The cherries are bathed in a luscious, syrupy brine that enhances their taste and adds a touch of indulgence to any dish.

These cherries are perfect for elevating your favorite beverages. Whether you're crafting a classic Manhattan or a whimsical Shirley Temple, the addition of Food Club Maraschino Cherries with Stems will lend a burst of sweetness and a pop of color to your drink. The long stems make them easy to skewer and place on the rim of your glass, instantly elevating the presentation.

Not just limited to beverages, these cherries are a versatile ingredient for your culinary ventures. They can be used to create delectable desserts like cherry-topped sundaes, cheesecakes, or even cherry-infused cakes. Their vibrant color and distinctive flavor also make them an excellent addition to fruit salads, ice cream toppings, or as a unique twist in savory dishes like glazed ham.