Escuminac Extra Rare Organic Maple Syrup 200ml

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Rare Escuminac amber is an exceptional syrup with a smooth, velvety texture. It is light in the mouth, featuring a subtle caramel and honeysuckle bouquet with a hint of cinnamon and a lingering flavor.


Located in the province of Quebec, Canada, the Escuminac maple farm decided to launch a pure and premium line so consumers could discover the richness of the unblended maple syrup, harvested and bottled at the maple farm. Our Escuminac handcrafted syrups are pure, certified organic and harvested with a profound respect of the environment. They are traceable from the forest to your plate. You will taste the difference.

The maple syrup of the true gourmet

The unblended, organic and single forest Escuminac maple syrup is made from twice- filtered sap, and left to mellow until the flavors and velvety texture are just right. The lovely glass bottle is worthy of any fine scotch, and displays the syrup to perfection. This maple syrup has a rich and complex taste. It is gluten-free and vegan. It is a non refined sugar that makes an excellent natural sweetener.

Three distinctive and delicious harvests

Have you ever wondered what impacts the flavor of maple syrup? The distinct taste of each maple syrup is dependent on the time that the maple sap is harvested in the season. Discover your favorite harvest between our golden light amber Extra rare, our rich and refined Great Harvest and our intensely dark Late Harvest.