Dubble Bubble Christmas Gumball Resuable Bank 3.5oz

$3.00 AUD $4.99

Celebrate the season with the Dubble Bubble Christmas Gumball Reusable Bank, a festive combination of sweet treats and a reusable bank for added holiday joy. This 3.5oz bank not only brings the classic taste of Dubble Bubble gumballs but also serves as a delightful keepsake.

Inside this cheerful holiday-themed bank, you'll find colorful and flavorful Dubble Bubble gumballs, adding a burst of sweetness to your festivities. The gumballs are a beloved classic, making this reusable bank a delightful gift or a charming addition to your holiday decorations.

Once the gumballs are enjoyed, the festive bank can be used to store small trinkets, coins, or as a decoration for years to come. The holiday design adds a touch of Christmas spirit to your home or makes for a thoughtful and fun gift for family and friends.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, gum base, artificial flavors, artificial color (FD&C RED 3), corn starch, BHT (to maintain frshness)