Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum 16oz

$7.29 AUD

Dubble Bubble® Original Flavored Twist Wrapped Bubble Gum 16 oz. bag is America’s Favorite bubble gum and is the number 1 selling sugared bubble gum enjoyed by both children and adults alike. 

Each Dubble Bubble laydown foil bag contains 1 pound or about 72 pieces of bubble gum, perfect to share with friends and family. Each soft and chewy individually twist wrapped piece is 6.3 grams of delicious Dubble Bubble original flavored goodness bubble gum. Whether you chew 1 piece or 5 pieces at a time, you can blow some great bubbles with Dubble Bubble bubble gum. 

Dubble Bubble® is the original bubble gum made in North America, peanut and gluten free, and contains no artificial sweeteners.