Dracula Sour Chews 2.8oz

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By JoJo

Sink your fangs into the deliciously sinister world of Dracula Sour Chews, now available in a mesmerizing 2.8oz pack! These spine-tingling treats offer a taste experience that's equal parts sour and sweet, making them the perfect snack for those who crave a little bite of excitement.

Each chewy morsel is designed to tantalize your taste buds with a burst of mouth-puckering sourness, followed by a satisfying wave of sweetness. The eerie allure of Dracula Sour Chews lies not only in their captivating flavor but also in their mysterious and spooky packaging, making them a perfect addition to your Halloween candy stash or a fun treat any time of the year.

INGREDIENTS: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Humectant (420). Dextrose, Maize Starch,Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Food Acid (330), Flavor, Emulsifiers (322, 471), Soy Protein and Colors (129, 133).