Dirty Dick's Peachy Green Sauce 147ml

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Dirty Dick's Peachy Green can be best described as a straight up sweet pickle relish in a hot sauce

You get an upfront freshness of serrano and jalapeno chillies but if you are a fan of sweet pickle relish then you are going to absolutely love this hot sauce. Peaches and pineapple fruitiness combined with lemon and lime and rounded out with onion sweetness and distinctive vanilla. This hot sauce takes me back to my childhood where you used to have those old school ham sandwiches with a sweet pickle relish!

This hot sauce is made for hot dogs and burgers but make yourself a ham and cheese toastie and use this as the spread…heavenly!

INGREDIENTS: Fresh Serrano and Jalapeno Peppers, Peaches, Bell Peppers, Vinegar, Fresh Scallions, Honey, Lemon, Lime, and Pineapple Juices, Brown Sugar, Exotic Spices, Vanilla, Saffron