Crush Grape Soda 12 Pack / 12 oz cans

$21.99 AUD
By Crush

Crush Grape is a delicious and refreshing soda that's bursting with the sweet and tangy flavor of ripe grapes. With a 12-pack of Crush Grape, you'll have plenty of this delicious soda to enjoy any time you need a little pick-me-up.

Made with natural flavors and real sugar, Crush Grape is a guilt-free indulgence that's perfect for anyone who loves a little sweetness in their life. Plus, it's caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it any time of day without worrying about jitters or sleeplessness.

The 12-pack is perfect for packing in lunches, taking on picnics, or sharing with friends and family. Each can is filled with the delicious taste of fresh grapes, making it the perfect way to satisfy your thirst and your sweet tooth at the same time.